About Gold N Soul

Dr. Neda established Gold N Soul in order to help as many individuals reconnect with themselves and catalyze the inner healing process. She has been a student of ancient mysteries her entire life and is passionate about energy work and helping her clients live the highest quality life possible.

While distant energy healing has always existed in some form or another the digital age allows for the comfort and peace of mind of doing this work via Skype and other video conferencing methods. Dr. Neda makes herself available to clients all over the world. She prides herself on her dedication to helping her clients rediscover their passions, their inner wisdom and their ability to heal.

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Benefits of Meditation

For centuries meditation has been said to have untold health benefits. In the past 100 years this has been proven in the lab and everyday more benefits seem to appear. A few of the most notable health

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The Power of Mantras

A mantra is a word or a sound that one uses in meditation to help them focus more greatly. The unfocused human mind is bombarded with countless thoughts, worries, memories, reminders, to do lists and

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Reconnect with Nature

In modern times it is easy to assume all the answers are available within technology. Google, Siri, Yahoo, Bing, Cortana, the list goes on but many tend to forget the ancient wisdom which spoke of inf

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The Perfect Moment - The Present

Nothing and nobody can truly prepare you for the intensity, speed and unexpected nature of life. There is so much distraction, noise, confusion and sometimes madness that it can be difficult to rememb

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