Our Mission

Gold N Soul was founded in order to help as many individuals across the world attain clarity, balance and health in their lives. We are passionate about helping our clients all over the world achieve the highest caliber physical and emotional health possible.


Our Vision

Energy healing is an ancient art that can be applied across great distances. Dr. Neda makes herself available via Skype for her clients all over the world and assists them in achieving balance and inner harmony through her energy healing Skype sessions.


Our Intuition

The subconscious is a great and powerful tool which can assist us regain stability and focus in our lives. It is our belief that we merely facilitate the awakening on our clients inner healing journey and we are passionate about such a sacred discipline.

What our clients Say

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I have been on my spiritual path with Dr. Neda for the past few months and I feel like I am rediscovering the essence of who I am. Dr. Neda’s warmth and guidance is invaluable. I am optimistic and inspired as I move forward on my healing journey.

Diane K

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